Track Maintenance & Repair

In most cases, railroad track-related issues can be avoided. A regular railroad track inspection and repair schedule is critical as it helps to identify and eliminate track conditions that have the costly potential to slow, and in some cases, completely shut down the services your company provides to your customers. At Stack Bros., we provide all the services necessary to help ensure the smooth operation of your railroad tracks by providing scheduled or on-call inspection services and inspection repairs, as well as 24/7 emergency repairs. Our experienced track inspection and repair professionals take pride in working closely with our customers to help prevent and quickly resolve any problems that may arise. For many, winter can be a difficult time to operate on the tracks, but it doesn’t have to be! Let Stack Bros. discuss with you the issues that can potentially arise in the winter season and the services we can provide to help prevent said issues. Services such as switch and road crossing winterization, switch cleaning, and snow removal are just a few of the many services we offer to better prepare you for the season.

Track Construction

From conception to completion, if you have an idea, we can make it a reality. Stack Bros. works with engineers, sub-contractors, and servicing railroads to ensure we provide the most professional track construction services possible to our clients. Our highly-skilled, safety-conscious crew of operators, laborers, and trade professionals, coupled with our extensive fleet of heavy & specialized equipment and hi-rail machines, come together to ensure your project is completed smoothly and on schedule. There is no job that is too big or too small!


Do you need materials and equipment moved? Stack Bros. can help! Let our team of boom trucks, dump trucks, flatbeds, semi-trucks, lowboys, and Landoll’s (55-ton rail equipment trailers) take care of your logistical needs.  We understand that getting your materials and equipment to and from your location is the most important part of your operation. With Stack Bros., rest assured that from water bottles to ballast regulators — no matter how big or small — your request is important to our operation.

Hi-Rail Equipment

At Stack Bros., our ultimate goal is to be complementary to your track crews. Our fleet of hi-rail boom trucks carry your materials to your site and seamlessly work with your crews for rail and tie replacement projects. Our hi-rail excavators can access your remote locations to perform any work you need, including, but not limited to: brushing, ditching, drainage, slope repair, and any miscellaneous rail repair you can dream of. With your active collaboration, we can view your current predicaments and brainstorm a solution with a complimentary consultation.

Heavy Equipment

Do you need earthwork done but don’t know who to call? We provide heavy equipment to get the job done. Stack Bros. has a large fleet of excavators, bulldozers, skid steers, mini-excavators, and dump trucks to support your earthwork needs. We specialize in everything from crossing panels and parking lots to utility trenches and drainage ditches using our heavy equipment.

Track Cleaning

Do you have a mess on your hands, a leaky train car, or a dirty car dump? Stack Bros. has a fleet of hi-rail vac trucks that can handle even the messiest jobs. Whether it be iron ore products, powders, gravels, grains, or slurries, we can access the spill and make short work of the problem to ensure you are up and running again.  Additionally, we have a fleet of mini excavators with ripper teeth to shred through even the toughest materials. Contact us today for more information.

Contact Railroad

Our trained and licensed tradesmen at Stack Bros take pride in their work and customer satisfaction. If you are in need of an estimate or have any further questions regarding our Railroad services, please submit the form below or call us at (715) 398-2964.

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