Stack Bros. is available for all your hydro-excavator needs and projects. Utilizing the best hydro-excavator in the game, the Vactor HXX, our talented team of experts can tackle any project.  We highly value a safe job site and do everything in our power to mitigate and minimize risks that may be associated with working crews. At Stack Bros, we highly value safety and environmental stewardship and our team is properly trained in safety etiquette, including Railroad FRA Training, and will take extensive measures to ensure all practices are safe on the job site.  Stack Brothers’ hydro-excavating and industrial vacuuming services are available 24/7 and are effective for utility construction, repairs under foundations, long-distance applications, spills, cleaning or rail switches, removal of contaminated soils, and are ideal in limited access areas. Contact us today for service and an estimate.

Safe Underground Piping and Utility Locates

To compliment your site’s Ground Disturbance Program, our Hydrovacs safely and efficiently locate underground piping and utilities. Our Vactor HXX Hydro Excavator Services feature:

Industrial and Process Cleaning

Our modern fleet of vac trucks delivers a full range of commercial and industrial cleaning services. Whether it’s routine equipment maintenance, a time-critical shutdown, or a scheduled turnaround, our services will help increase operations productivity, comply with environmental regulations, improve safety and reduce plant downtime. If you need wood chips, grain, taconite, coke, fly ash, dry bulk powders, catalysts, slurries, or sludge collected and safely transported on or off-site, give us a call at (218) 398-2455.

Railroad Track Cleaning

When debris hits the track, our HydroVacs can help remove gravel, sand, taconite, grain, snow, and more! For more details on our railroad track cleaning services, please call (218) 398-2455.

Sewer Cleaning

We provide technical, advanced sewer cleaning services for pipes of all sizes. Other sewer-related services include but are not limited to: root removal, grease removal, hard-deposit removal, tap trimming, overflow prevention, and the cleaning of easement areas. At Stack Bros., we highly value our complete compliance with regulatory safety standards. To reach our 24-hour emergency service, please call (715) 398-2964.

Truck Mounted Video Inspection

Stack Bros. Mechanical proudly offers truck-mounted video inspection vehicles. With crystal clear digital video and NASSCO PACP compliant software, you’ll be equipped with the ability to view on-site video reporting related to your project. We also house a team of NASSCO PACP certified technicians. Custom reports and capital improvement analyses are available upon request. 

Lift Station Cleaning

Our Hydrovac trucks allow us to quickly remove debris, sediment and sludge buildup in lift stations. High pressure jetting and simultaneous vacuuming helps us to clean pumps and lift stations thoroughly while reducing environmental spills. Once cleaned, Stacks service professionals will do a full inspection and any needed repairs.

Contact HydroVac

Our trained and licensed tradesmen at Stack Bros take pride in their work and customer satisfaction. If you are in need of an estimate or have any further questions regarding our HydroVac services, please submit the form below or call us at (715) 398-2964.

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